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ActiveAir Systems Ltd
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Welcome to our site.

While we’ve attempted below to describe what we do, inevitably we can’t say it all here.
Please don’t hesitate to phone/fax/email if you have any questions.

Our Name:

ă´ctĭve a.& n.1. a. Given to action; working, effective; practical; diligent; ….
air1n.1. Invisible gaseous substance enveloping earth ….

Since ‘putting air to work’ is at the core of almost all of the systems we supply, ‘ActiveAir’ seemed to sum it up.

Our Business

Designing, Building & Maintaining air handling systems for: -

  • Ventilation
  • Cooling
  • Fume control
  • Dust control
  • COSHH (System Design and egular/Statutory inspections)
  • CVC (Centralised Vacuum Cleaning) – high & low vacuum
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Process Waste (paper, board, swarf, etc.), Fine/Coarse Powders & Granular Materials - high & low pressure & vacuum
  • Product drying, cooling & conditioning

Our Experience

35 years designing, building & maintaining air handling systems for the purposes listed above.
ActiveAir Systems Ltd is an accredited 'SAFEcontractor' member of the National Britannia Group. This membership provides our clients with evidence of our commitment to safe working practices.

Our Prices

You won’t be surprised to hear that we promise you excellent value for money – who wouldn’t.
In order to keep our promise we’ve adopted strategies to minimise both overhead costs and our project costs.
While it’s not possible to go into detail here, two simple principles we’ve adopted to minimise costs and provide an excellent service include: -

  • extensive use of IT enabling effective use of a network of specialist suppliers, ensuring we have access to all of the skills needed to provide effective solutions. By only having to support the necessary specialisations, on a project-by-project basis, we are able to match our costs to the business in hand.

  • sourcing bought-in services locally; e.g. proprietary equipment (British made), fabrication, and installation. This has the significant benefit of minimising transport and hence delivery costs. Local suppliers have a vested interest in providing a good service to our clients - as well as to us. A good service is what our client’s get and the additional satisfaction of knowing that they’ve supported their local economy.


Employing strategies such as those mentioned briefly above, we aim to achieve our objective to design and install systems, which are not just operationally effective, but excellent value for money too.
We’ll be pleased to discuss any requirements you may have.
Simply contact us at the numbers/addresses above and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for visiting our site, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you feel we might be of assistance.

Peter Bailey.
for ActiveAir Systems Ltd.